Friday, February 8, 2013

Mine's bigger than yours

I am going to use my blog to clear something up. One of the businesses I work with is LegalShield. It  is an amazing company representing a nationwide network of the most respected attorneys in the country. Not a scam, not a joke. Several people have talked trash about my business. Saying it's fine for basic stuff, but not for REAL legal issues. Absolutely not true. My lawyer can beat up your lawyer. I would bet on it any day of the week. This is a big law firm that I will gladly put up against any law firm in the country.
My question to families and business owners is this. If you could talk to an attorney about anything, without getting a bill afterwards, would you? Was there ever a time when you really needed an attorney, but just knew you couldn't justify the cost? Ever bought a house or a car? Filled out a will? Signed a lease, cell phone or credit card contract? Ever had someone rip you off? Ever been treated unfairly at work or at a business? Ever been pulled over pr gotten a ticket? This stuff happens everyday. Most people just take it and do nothing about it. I don't. I call my lawyer about anything and everything. Seriously. You don't have to let people bully you. The average attorney charges about $300 per hour. Who would call an attorney over an aggravating neighbor? Who would spend $300 per hour to have someone review a lease agreement? Who would spend that much to dispute a $675 loss from an employer who wouldn't pay them. Would anyone in their right mind call an expensive attorney over a questionable tax bill? I have. I call them at least once a month over any issue that they might be able to help with.
But Erik, that's insane! Why would you hire a lawyer for trivial stuff like that? Because I hate being bullied. I can't stand getting ripped off. And because I only pay $17 a month for virtually unlimited legal counsel that covers me anywhere in the country. Yeah. That's why. They even include a complete family will AT NO EXTRA COST when you join. That's worth about $600 in Florida! No contract. Drop it if you aren't happy with it. Really!
I don't use "Butcher" the shady local guy who runs a pool hall in his office. I don't use "Junior" the kid fresh out of law school either. In Florida, my primary provider is one of the largest and most trusted firms in the state. They have 25 attorneys on call for us full time. They average 19 years of experience each. Really. Don't believe me? Here's their website. LegalShield Florida
Still not convinced? Try this one. LegalShield Videos. It has our national advertising campaign commercials as well as some great videos showing who we are.
And while I am on this soap box, it's a great company to work for. Need a good home based business? Want the best residual income package ever? Want your own business with the lowest startup cost ever? LegalShield is the real deal. I personally made my initial investment back in 30 days. Yep. All profit since then. If you want to know more about our legal services for individuals, families and small businesses... If you have any interest in a work from home opportunity... If your family just needs a will written up... Hit my website and look around. Erik's Amazing Opportunity it just might change your life for the better, it did for me. Email or call if you need to know more.
That's all I've got to say about that.

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