Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Seriously, why am I doing this?

Two reasons. One, I need to supplement my income to continue stabilizing my family. It is virtually impossible to save money, plan for the future or work a budget when divorce is on the table. We went back and forth for three years. Ended up losing our business and two houses in the process. Still trying to get back on our feet. And yes, I am wide open to suggestions from experienced bloggers. I have a great network marketing business. ( LegalShield ) So I don't need another home based business. This one is growing steady and working fine. Thanks anyway.
Two, I have figured out things and met people that can save the most screwed up marriage you can imagine. After surviving what we have, I feel obligated to share this information. Someone told me, years ago, about the "sin of the desert." That's when you know where the water is, but refuse to tell anyone. When we have something that someone else desperately needs, we have to make a choice. My choice is to risk being labelled as an idiot or whatever to tell people that there is hope.
My journey to save my family would have come to an end, horribly, without Joel and Kathy Davisson. They survived a horrible, abusive marriage and dedicated their life to helping others. I am forever in their debt. Visit their site ( ) and look around. They do live phone counseling six nights a week and have an open forum to ask questions or read how others were helped. Really. Your wives and kids need you.
As you have noticed, this blog is littered with "random" advertising links. Actually, not so random. I was also looking for ways to help us fix our homes. All these advertisers have a piece of that puzzle. LegalShield and ID theft services are for protecting your family and property. Do you have a will? is for my wife, who LOVES her garden. Your probably does, too.
The travel links are obvious. When was your last time you had a vacation... A fun one?
We are football junkies, has hats, shirts, etc. All kinds of sports stuff.
Party supplies, cards, funny stuff? Really. Women love the fun stuff. Step up.
There is stuff for preserving family memories down there.
The best is probably the club of the month link. Perfect for knuckleheads like me, who want to do good, but really do forget sometimes. They will auto ship flowers, candy, wine, beer, pizza and even cigars. Just sign up and forget about it. You get to be a hero without really trying. Try it.
So, enough shameless self promotion. The main thing in all this, do good for your wife. She is worth it.

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