Friday, January 11, 2013

His needs, her needs

I read the book. At the time, it seemed amazing. In hindsight, not really. If you cut it in half, maybe. Men's need? Seriously. Our needs are pretty similar to a dog. A pat on the head once in a while. Food, poop, a few toys and occasionally something similar to making out with a leg. Pretty simple.
Her needs are a little more involved. That part of the book was great. I didn't understand how important financial stability and my appearance mattered to my wife. Two areas I was not taking serious. Working on it now. Still kinda dumpy and not rich yet. But, I am aware of it and making changes for her. That also creates a stronger connection between us. She also needs respect. Pawing at our wives and making every conversation end with a breast comment or joke doesn't accomplish that.
The bottom line? Meet her needs... After you figure them out. They change over time... So you will always be learning what she needs. But.  Once her needs are being met and she feels loved and respected, her desire will gradually lean towards meeting ours. Really. These wonderful ladies God has given us are designed to respond to what is given to them. I really believe every man lives in the marriage he created. Love her, respect her, pursue her and you will have a strong, passionate marriage. Treat her like a dog and you will get bit. Grow up guys.

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