Friday, January 11, 2013

I can't take the pressure!

We have jobs and responsibilities. We have stuff we need to do. We have people who depend on us. We have people with expectations. We have stress. Yeah.
What makes it worse is that, as men, we all feel like we have something to prove. We have to be "the man!" We have to be a pillar of strength. We cannot make mistakes. Etc, etc, etc.
There is something hard wired into us that pushes us to achievement, to conquer, to constantly prove our worth to absolutely everyone we deal with. Why? Who knows.
Since meeting Joel and Kathy Davisson (great I have learned some utterly obvious stuff that I missed for over 20 years. Like... Prove yourself to her.
I got this huge break when I figured out I only have to be superman to my family. All those great soul cravings we carry as men are completely satisfied by conquering the needs in your own home.
Your wife and kids need your love, attention, protection, support, etc.  It's a huge relief to figure out that instead of working your butt off to make the whole world happy, you only have to make your wife and kids happy. Give them yourself. Learn them.

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