Wednesday, January 9, 2013

So far, so........

(Another one, previously posted January 1, 2013)

Yeah. Almost 2 hours after telling everyone how great I expect 2013 to be, this happens. Hanging out with the kids, having a good evening... Pizza guy knocks on the door and tells me my car is on fire. Great. Most of my income is from reconditioning cars at dealerships. It requires carrying various equipment and chemicals in my car. Most are highly combustible. As you can see.
The car is paid for, nothing fancy but a great car. Really like my car. Insurance will not pay for it, the company I subcontract for won't pay for it. I can't pay for it. So, I get to clean it out, patch up the burned out windows, rip out the burned seats and drive it like this. 3 years ago, I would have lost my mind over this. Not stressed now.
After surviving all that has happened since 2009. I guess this is my starting point. How does someone get to the point where he can face trauma and stress without freaking out? Apparently, this is where the story chooses it's direction. Stay tuned. 

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